I had received an offer for PhD in economics to Boston College .After posting this update in LinkedIn, I had a number of requests on advice to apply for PhD in Economics .Thus I have decided to write my experiences (before I forget ) so as to help other students…

I am regularly asked to recommend books for economics in advanced level.I really did not wanted to write this post(due to disclaimer number 4) but due to repeated requests ,have finally decided to write it

Okay, First a few disclaimers:

  1. This list is for those students who come from maths…

32 Lincoln Inn Fields which houses LSE’s economics department

I have attended LSE MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics .This is a famous program in economics circle which has probably produced more PhD graduates percentage wise for decades(this program was started in 60’s with a different name though).I am regularly asked about my experience at EME and I see…

Links to previous parts of the series:


2)References and Research Experience

First of all ,let me make it clear that references are the most important thing in your application.

Let me explain it later .First ,let me provide the reason why I have put References and Research together because strangely these two are highly intertwined with each other in a complicated manner at least in economics.

You obviously need to show…

Anubhuti Gohain Boruah

Economics Phd Student,Boston College

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